Small Business Branding Ideas: From Color to Social Media 5/5 (1)

Here are some excellent and actionable small business branding ideas that can help you select the right colors for your logo to ideas for social media branding strategies. Getting inspiration for branding your business does not need to be a chore. We have gathered some great ideas to get you started in the right direction.

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Business Branding and Color
Are you using the best colors to brand your business?

Using the Right Colors to Brand Your Business

Using the right colors in marketing your business is more important than you might think. Colors have their own special place in memory and the subconscious mind. Every company that comes to mind visually is represented by color. McDonald’s and their yellow and red arches can make you hungry for hamburgers and french fries, or Starbucks and those delightful green cups make you crave a warm cup of java.

Small Business Branding: What Color Says About Your Business

Color has a deep and often subconscious effect on our behavior and is often used to persuade or influence us. In fact, according to a recent stud,y 92.6% of people said that color was the most important factor when purchasing products.

Creating a Brand Name

Creating a Great Brand Name

Creating a great brand name takes a lot of brainstorming. If you have ever wondered why companies like Apple, Uber, and AirBnB are so easy to remember, here are the answers you might need for your own business.

Digital and Personal Branding

Digital Branding vs Personal Branding

Is Emotional Storytelling the Future of Branding

Small Business Branding

More on Digital Marketing and Branding Your Business

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Stop Selling and Start Branding – Keys to Marketing Success No ratings yet.

Branding - Marketing Keys to SuccessWant to know the key to success?

Do you know the difference between Sales and Branding?

First of all, just spend a minute to get to know me:

The single biggest difference between me and most other people on the internet trying to give you advice is that all of my content is FREE.

My main goal here is to realize you that thinking about YOUR brand is super important. So many of you are in it for the quick sale, and you are going to be forgotten. The difference between branding and sales is simple: Are you trying to convert or are you trying to create an experience?

The latter always wins.

Differences between Sales and BrandingAt the end of the day there is only one thing that constitutes “brand.”

It’s how you feel in the moment you interact with the product, service or business. When I say “Pepsi” and “Coca-Cola” and “IBM” you have a very specific innate reaction to your feeling about that brand. It could be good or it good be bad or maybe it’s somewhere in between.

The only thing I care about, and why I focus so much on legacy, is I want you to have a positive reaction when you hear my name. I want you to feel good when you think about what I’ve done.

If you had to put it into words, I would hope you might say “Agnes, the girl who gave more than she was asked for” or something along those lines. I want you to have a positive connotation. A good feeling when you think of me.

The reality is, the greatest companies in the world don’t sell. They brand!

Think of Apple as a prime example… When, if ever, have you received an advertisement from Apple telling you to BUY their product? It never happens. Apple focuses on building a relationship that will last by deploying all of their energy into branding and showcasing how your life will change once you switch to iPhone. Their ads are about sharing an experience, about the simplicity and ease of use of their products. About how great it is to use the Mac. It’s all about branding.

The same goes for me. I’m not selling you my services. I’m building a relationship. I’m building brand.

Whether you’re a small business or a massive corporation, you need to start thinking about business as a long term relationship, not a single transaction. Branding is building a trust. At the end of the day what I’m trying to do is build legacy.

“Funny thing about branding. If you actually build a brand,
you outsell any salesman any day of the week.”

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