Custom Logo Design Services and Elements of Business Branding


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Custom Logo Design Services

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Custom logo design services are a very important part of branding your business. Think of your logo in terms of originality and your own signature brand. Logos are actual symbols that represent the company as with Starbucks and the mermaid, NBC’s peacock, or even Apple’s Macintosh apple. While a logo is a small simple mark, a brand includes every single touch-point your customers have with your company.

Branding is a more holistic perspective of how your customers experience your business. Contact us today for your own custom logo design!

Your customers don’t experience your company in the form of a logo floating to them in a magical sphere. They experience your brand through your website, your store, and your products and services It’s important that the design company that is working on your logo understands that your logo is just one small part of a large collection of graphics.

Logo Design Services

Logo Designs are Everywhere

Logo designs are everywhere. Take a trip to your local shopping center and you are likely to find at least several different logos even without really paying attention. Logos can be found scattered on every building wherever we go.

They are a part of popular culture and the collective. Logos have power to influence our decisions in the way that they represent a business and its values. Well designed custom logo designs are often filled with meaning.

Still wondering what the purpose of a logo is and why they matter to your business? It’s a very important question for graphic designers and businesses to understand before creating a new brand identity. Craft your brand identity with some ideas for content marketing strategies with WoW Design today.

Custom Logos and Branding

Custom Logo Designs and Branding

The main purpose of a custom logo is to identify a company. Identifying and branding your business with a logo is of the upmost importance. That is really everything.

While trends may come and go, software design tools and methods will continue to change and evolve. Even the way we understand logos may be drastically altered over time. Even still, the single most critical component of a logo will always be to identify a product, service, or company.

This means that it’s important to fully understand how the logo will be viewed and interpreted.

A well-designed logo will be memorable and help potential customers to remember and think of the brand.

Shapes and eye-catching colors are simpler for the brain to process and memorize than words. This means that if the identity is unique in the marketplace it’s easy to find and identify the company once again to purchase its services, and to recommend.

Our minds build up a visual library and begin to associate fonts, shapes and colors with certain emotions and objects. Find out how to get custom logo design services for your business. Call us today: (773)289-7774.

Customer Perceptions of Logos

How Customers See Logos

When we see a logo and whether we like it or not, we generally make a judgement about it and perceive the business, product or service in the same manner.

Some company logos are too serious, dry and corporate while others are too progressive and radical. Many people will avoid your brand if your logo is not relatable.

Because logos are visual representations of a company, they are associated with expectations. You want to attract the right audience with your logo so that you don’t waste important resources like time and money.

Conversely, when a logo and a business’ brand identity looks like something people want to associate with, they will take a look at their products and services to consider buying.

These are the reasons why it is important to seriously consider all aspects of your custom designed logo as it has to accurately represent the business and attract your targeted audience.

An interesting fact about logos is that the term is derived from the Greek language and actually means “word.” This would make a logo a visual representation of a word that customers associate with your business.

Considering all of the other businesses and the competition in the world, it’s super important to distinguish your company from others with a well-designed logo. Get in touch with us today!

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